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Bitumen, a versatile hydrocarbon, serves as a durable binder in road construction, waterproofing, and industrial applications due to its resilience


"Kerosene: a versatile, clean-burning fuel ideal for heating, lighting, and various industrial applications, known for its reliability and efficiency."

Gas Oil

"Gas oil: a versatile fuel used in various industries and machinery, known for its efficiency and reliable performance."

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) - versatile and efficient fuel, ideal for various applications, offering clean-burning energy and reliable performance.

Furnace Oil

Furnace oil, a robust and efficient fuel, ideal for heating systems, offering reliable performance and consistent heat for various applications.

Rubber Processing Oil

Essential in rubber manufacturing, optimizing elasticity and durability, ensuring top-quality rubber products for diverse applications.

Sulphur Lumps

Sulphur lumps, a vital industrial element, offer diverse applications, from agriculture to manufacturing, renowned for their purity and effectiveness.


Methanol, a versatile alcohol, serves industries as a fuel, solvent, and chemical precursor, contributing to sustainable and diverse applications.

Urea Fertilizer

Urea fertilizer: a high-nitrogen compound enhancing plant growth, commonly used for crops to promote healthy development and increased yield.

Mix Hydrocarbon Oil

A versatile blend, optimized for various industrial applications, delivering superior performance and efficiency across diverse sectors.


Lubricant: essential for reducing friction, enhancing engine performance, and ensuring smooth, efficient operation across various machinery and vehicles.

Mining Solvent

"Essential for extracting minerals, mining solvents optimize separation processes, ensuring efficient extraction and production in mining operations."

Mineral Hydrocarbon Oil

"Mineral hydrocarbon oil: a natural, versatile substance used across industries for lubrication, fuel, and diverse industrial applications worldwide."

White Spirit

"White Spirit: A versatile solvent used in paints, varnishes, and cleaning, known for its efficacy and quick evaporation properties."


"Naphata: a versatile hydrocarbon solvent and raw material crucial in various industries, including petrochemicals, manufacturing, and fuel production."